The best body? The one you have. Take care of them!

Each of us is different ... We have a different approach to the world and the situations that we face. What so many of us have in common is that we are constantly dissatisfied with ourselves.

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Eye Love U! Get rid of wrinkles under the eyes ... Natural and effective!

Although age is a state of mind, the poor condition of the skin under the eyes, unfortunately it gives us years, because this is where the first signs of aging appear. There are many more or less invasive ways to prevent this, one of which is our new Eye Love U! Eye cream.

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What should you know before choosing a sunscreen?

Anti-UV protection is a topic that returns every year with the first rays of the sun, although it should definitely accompany us ALL YEAR ROUND.

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Smart Beauty

We girls have plenty to do every day. Although we plan and try to control our time and reality, we want to have a place for a spontaneity  in our life as well. Sometimes “girls just wanna have fun ...". We know that the best improvisation is planned, but ... what if there is not enough time to organize everything in a perfect manner? Of course, even in that case we want to look gorgeous! That is why we want to show you that by using active preparations based on high-quality natural active ingredients, you do not have to subordinate your lifestyle to complicated beauty care procedures and run to the beauty salon every week. After all, these are your personality, your lifestyle and your femininity that are the most important things... and cosmetics are to serve you!  We have three situations for you that can happen to each of us and three ways of how to deal with them in the Sky Girl’s style.

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Sky is not the limit... Be The Sky Girl!

Hey Sky Girls! Welcome to our blog.

As you probably noticed, a lot of changes have recently taken place here ... And that's what we wanted to tell you ... about changes, motivation to them, about getting out of your comfort zone and about making dreams come true. One of our friends told us once that every person in his/her life gets a specific and finite dose of energy. We have a choice and we will either use it to fulfill the goals of someone else, or we will start to fulfill our own goals. Our dream of living our own values has materialized in our brand - Be The Sky Girl. This is how the most beautiful and the most awesome adventure of our life began ...

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