European Union

Operational Programme “Smart Growth”, priority axis: “3 Support Of Innovations In The Companies”, activity: “3.3 Support Of Promotion And Internationalization Of Innovative Companies”, sub-measure 3.3.3: “Support For SMEs In The Promotion Of Polish Product Brands – Go to Brand”

Title of the project: Promotion of the cosmetic products abroad – the development of export of SO NATURE Ltd. (“the Company”)

The objective of the project: to promote cosmetics products that have the potential of becoming recognizable brands on foreign markets, increase of competitiveness of the Company and the level of internationalization of its business activities.

Planned effects of the project:

  • signing foreign trade contracts,
  • increase in revenues from the export sales,
  • increase in revenues from the sale of products covered by the project.

Total value of the project: PLN 435,500.00

Contribution of European Funds: PLN 348,400.00



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