Why “Be The Sky Girl”?

Be The Sky Girl is a message that has materialized in the form of a natural cosmetics brand. A unique combination of nature with modernity and a vision that will open women to independence, freedom and respect for themselves and their bodies. We want to show women that it is possible to be strong and brave and at the same time feminine and delicate. Independence and making our own decisions is sexy and we are not afraid to talk about it loud. We decided to create the most awesome brand of natural cosmetics in Poland - Be The Sky Girl, to show that natural can be feminine and sexy.

Is Be the Sky Girl natural cosmetics?

Definitely! Inside you'll find natural extracts, top-quality oils, extracts of plants and herbs, and captivating scents. You will not find there SLS, SLES, PEGs, parabens, silicones, petroleum derivatives or any harmful chemical substances. We combine nature with modernity and often reach for the achievements of science, at the same time if we use some synthetic substances - only if they are completely safe and have a good effect on the skin. For example, we are happy to use synthetic vitamins in our formulas - vitamin B3 (niacinamide) or vitamin C (we use one on the most modern and the most stable form of ET-VC), because they are stable and very effective. The highest quality raw materials, high concentrations of active ingredients and well-thought-out recipes are the trademark of Be The Sky Girl cosmetics. From the very beginning, we create our cosmetics in cooperation with the best laboratory in Poland. The highest quality and effectiveness of our cosmetics is an undisputed priority for us.  

Why are Be The Sky Girl creams and airless packaging?

Our creams (AGENT WHITE, JAMES WHITE Brightening and lifting cream and LADY SUNSHINE SPF 25 face cream) and cheese (KEEP LIFT lifting serum, KEEP CALM vascular and sensitive skin serum and KEEP PURE serum for mixed and oily skin) are full of valuable , highly concentrated active ingredients. To strengthen their stability and durability, ensure their freshness and make their beneficial power activated only on the skin, we packed them in modern, high-quality packaging with an airless pump. In such packaging, the cosmetic has no contact with air, stays fresh longer and biological cleanliness, which makes it more effective.

To what age are the Be The Sky Girl cosmetics intended?

Be The Sky Girl is cosmetics that the daughter will be able to "pick up" her mother and vice versa. Natural cosmetics do not have an age range. They take care of the natural processes occurring in the epidermis, are rich in antioxidants and help to slow down the biological skin clock. They are safe and effective - and for younger, and for those previously born girls. Anyway, age is not just a state of mind and energy you have in your heart. For a beautiful complexion, you "work" your whole life and not only using cosmetics. The basis of care is cleansing and moisturizing the skin, but lifestyle, healthy eating, drinking water and a lot of sleep are just as important. All this is also a base for energy that you have in yourself ... that you infect others.

What is the expiry date of Be The Sky Girl products?

Be The Sky Girl cosmetics should be used within 24 months from the date of production, which is stated on the packaging.

Is Agent White suitable for oily and combination skin?

Agent White cream, James White is a very universal product. Due to its concentrated composition and wide spectrum of activity, it is suitable for all skin types. Its composition contains only oils that do not cause oily skin, do not clog it and do not leave a sticky film on the skin. In addition, the vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) contained in the cream works anti-acne, improves the quality of pores and reduces their visibility and prevents excessive secretion of sebum.

Does Oil My God not burden hair?

The Oil My God oil oiling serum is designed for all hair types that need nourishment and smoothing. Used according to its intended purpose, it does not cause the hair to be loaded. We do oiling your hair BEFORE washing. We spray hairs along their entire length and with their head tilted down, brush them for a long time. Apply a larger amount of oil to the ends of the hair (usually they need to regenerate the most), then curl the hair into a loose bob and leave it, preferably for the whole night. If you wash hair in the morning or during the day, leave the serum for about an hour, then wash your hair thoroughly, preferably twice. The product used in this way will not load hair but will leave it nourished, moisturized and smoothed.

Do body mousses differ in active ingredients?

Body mousses differ in their fragrances, all active ingredients on which they base their nutritional, moisturizing, improving flexibility and regenerating effect are present in every fragrance version. In each of them we find oiling shea butter, improving elasticity, firming and anti-cellulite oil babassu, regenerating and brightening rice oil, soothing irritations and nourishing mango butter, combating free radicals and rejuvenating chia seed oil and moisturizing hyaluronic acid. In addition, in each fragrance version there are also wonderful, illuminating particles. At the moment, our body mousses are available in three unique fragrance versions: sweet, fruity and vanilla Sweet Life, mysterious, Yennefer scent with a hint of lilac and gooseberry- Wild Forest and sensual, jasmine-wood with a hint of opium- Just Say Yes!

Do Be The Sky Girl cosmetics should be used together to be more active or combined with cosmetics from other brands?

Your complexion knows best what is good for her. Certainly, you have heard from someone that cosmetics of the same brand contain ingredients that complement each other, thanks to which they work more effectively. Of course - our cosmetics were composed so that they would complement each other and, if used together, would give wonderful synergy effects. At the same time, we are smart care fanners and we do not expect cosmetic girls from our clients - Sky Girls! Preparations do not have to be of the same brand to complement their mutual action. Combine products that will help you achieve the effect you expect. Combine our serum with your favorite cream. Test Agent James White - our cream for special tasks with cosmetics that you like. You do not have to give up your previous care. Always do the way you like!

Are Be The Sky Girl cosmetics vegan?

Yes, our cosmetics are vegan. None of our products or ingredients found in the formulas of our cosmetics are tested on animals. In our products you will not find zoonotic ingredients. Evidence of this is the Viva certificate for Vegetarians and Vegans who received our products.

Is Be The Sky Girl a Polish brand?

Yes, Be The Sky Girl is a 100% Polish brand. We communicate content on our products in two languages ​​(Polish and English) because we want our cosmetics to reach everywhere where women take careof themselves and their skin using the highest quality natural ingredients. We come from Poland and we want to be for All Citizens of the World! Often,also weget opinions that Be The Sky Girl do not look like cosmeticsnatural cosmetics. We like it than Be The Sky Girl stands out and draws attention with its appearance. We want it to be naturally and sexy!

What characterizes Be The Sky Girl products?

Be The Sky Girl products have definitely high concentrations of active ingredients and the highest quality natural raw materials used in each product. We create products that we like to use, recommendthem to the best friend and that actually work. In addition, we create our cosmetics with a fantasy, from the beginning to the end, in accordance with the internal sense that it is 100% compatible with us. Each Be The Sky Girl product is more than just a cosmetic. It's an idea that reminds women every day to "fly high", they were not afraid to risk and risk themselves, they were independent and loved it in themselves. In addition to these fragrances of our products definitely motivate to ... flying.

Is vitamin C safe to use in the summer?

Yes, Vitamin C, which is in our cream - Agent White, James White, can be used in the summer. More information on this topic can be found on our blog (click).

How much Easy Going is enough to remove make-up?

Two "pumps" of the Easy Going emulsion are enough to remove face and eye makeup. All you need to do is apply the cosmetic with moistened hands to the face, then massage with circular movements, not forgetting about eyelashes and lips, and then wash away with warm water. If you need, you can repeat the whole thing and finally wash the face with plenty of water.

Can Mist N 'Roses be used as a face tonic?

Rose N 'Roses facial serum can be used as a facial lotion. The ingredients contained in the cosmetics help to restore the natural pH and balance of the skin after washing or contact with water. However, given the rich composition of Mist N 'Roses, calling it a tonic, it would be a serious "degradation". The interior of this handy bottle contains a wealth of active ingredients that would not be ashamed of a good moisturizing cream. It is an ideal starting point for further care, moisturized skin better accepts active ingredients contained in the serum or cream. In addition, you can also use it for makeup - to refresh or fix it. Then, just remember to spray it from a greater distance.


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