You are holding our famous #GreatRejuvenatingSerum :) This name was invented by our earlier born customers who - after using it - were claiming that this serum turns back time :) Please remember however, that natural care knows no age limits, so no matter how old you are - you do not have to worry that natural cosmetics make your skin “lazy” or that they spoil your skin. KEEP LIFT lifting serum can be used independently of your age - it will help you whenever your skin is dehydrated, it needs an injection of energy, firming, moisturizing. How to use it? Here are some tips:

  • first make a thorough makeup removal and clean your skin (you can do a perfect make-up removal with the help of our 2 in 1 EASY GOING face cleansing lotion, which will soon be available in our store) and after that - tone the skin (you can use our rosy liquid face serum MIST N'ROSES)
  • KEEP LIFT lifting serum can be used during a day - either alone, as a base under makeup (its gelly consistency is perfect for this, it beautifully smoothes the skin, moisturizes, lifts and firms it), or under the luminous lifting cream AGENT WHITE, JAMES WHITE- apply cream on moist yet serum, without massaging the serum - herbal antioxidant and rejuvenating components of the serum with a high content of hyaluronic acid combine in this way with natural, smoothing emollients from the cream and contained in it a large dose of vit. C and illuminating substances, creating a real rejuvenating and moisturizing treatment ... ohhhh, it will be beautiful! 
  • for the night you can apply KEEP LIFT lifting serum itself or serum and cream together - first apply serum on a moist tonic and then apply cream on a moist serum   
  • are you in love with the another cream? remember that we do not require from you to be  cosmetic monogamist - you can use KEEP LIFT lifting serum alone or with your favorite cream and let it be good and beautiful! 

If you are going to a party and want to regenerate your skin and you do not have time to visit the beautician, KEEP LIFT together with AGENT WHITE, JAMES WHITE will help you get the WOW effect! 

  • make a very thorough makeup removal and tone the skin afterwards 
  • make a peeling - preferably a delicate, enzymatic one that will peel off superfluous epidermis without irritating your skin (try our luminous acid face peeling PEEL ME TENDER)
  • tone your skin, ideally if you can use rosy liquid face serum MIST N'ROSES for this purpose 
  • on a skin still moist with a tonic, apply two pumps of KEEP LIFT lifting serum and perform a gentle skin massage - from the bottom up, gently tapping the face with your fingers, add one more pump of KEEP LIFT serum and when it starts to absorb, while still being moist - put on two pumps of luminous lifting cream AGENT WHITE, JAMES WHITE
  • the best is to do it during a relaxing bath or another moment of relaxation
  • after 10 - 15 min, remove the excess serum and cream from your face or gently wash your face, remembering to tone it afterwards 

Your skin will be beautifully illuminated, moisturized and regenerated, and you can now apply makeup and move on to conquer the world!


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