Serum for mixed and oily skin KEEP PURE is our multi-tasking master! The biggest problem with a mixed complexion is that it is ... mixed :) in one place oily and problematic (T zone), in other parts it's dry and lacks the energy. KEEP PURE is not only regulating the production of sebum (thanks to which the skin is less shiny) and helps in healing inflammatory changes, but it also wonderfully moisturizes and rejuvenates the mixed complexion. How to use it in a most efficient manner? Here are some tips:

first make a thorough makeup removal and clean your skin (you can do a perfect make-up removal with the help of our 2 in 1 EASY GOING face cleansing lotion, which will soon be available in our store) and after that - tone the skin (you can use our rosy liquid face serum MIST N'ROSES)

KEEP PURE can be used during a day - either alone, as a base under makeup (its gelly consistency is perfect for this, it beautifully smoothes the skin and moisturizes it), or under the luminous lifting cream AGENT WHITE, JAMES WHITE - first put on skin half pump serum and while the serum is still moist, apply half pump cream, by mixing these two - herbal anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and rejuvenating components of the serum with high content of hyaluronic acid and niacinamide combine with natural, smoothing emollients, highly - efficient vit. C and other illuminating components of the cream, creating a real anti-inflammatory - rejuvenating treatment for your skin... oh, it will look beautiful!

for the night you can apply KEEP PURE serum itself or serum and cream together - first apply serum on a moist tonic and then apply cream on a moist serum

remember to make a peeling at least once a week - preferably an enzymatic one, which will not irritate the skin and at the same time will peel off superfluous skin and cleanse the complexion and additionally it will brighten and will work anti-inflammatory (reach for the luminous acid face peeling PEEL ME TENDER which contains delicate acids and a real vitamin bomb, being a perfect combination for oily and mixed skin)

are you in love with the another cream? remember that we do not require from you to be cosmetic monogamist - you can use the KEEP PURE serum alone or with your favorite cream and let it be good and beautiful!


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