OIL MY GOD! serum for hair oiling was created from the desire to preserve all the benefits of hair oiling, while removing its defects :) The aim is beautiful, shiny, smooth, regenerated hair, which at the same time will not be heavy and greasy - as it often happens after the classic oiling. That's why OIL MY GOD! it is a mixture of strongly regenerating hair oils enriched with vitamin E, rosemary and plant extracts of coconut. This allowed to obtain a light oil serum, which is super comfortable to apply (passes through the spray) and is easily washed-off, giving at the same time the effect of strong hair regeneration. How to use OIL MY GOD! so that the effects are the best? A few tips below:

  • hair oiling is performed BEFORE hair washing - oils applied to the hair smooth and regenerate and make it shiny and stronger
  • the coconut oil and nigella oil contained in the serum have a strong antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effect - they also soothe the scalp problems - oily skin, over-drying, dandruff, pruritus - therefore you can also apply OIL MY GOD! to the scalp
  • spray the scalp and hair with oil, bend your head down and brush your hair for a longer moment - tilting the head causes a better blood supply to the scalp and hair follicles, so that the active ingredients are better absorbed
  • if you have very dry and damaged hair ends, before you apply the oil - you can gently rub the aloe vera gel or linseed gel in your hair (pour linseed a bit of hot water, wait a moment, strain the flax seeds and apply the remaining jelly gently to the hair)
  • apply the oil onto the hair, curl them in a topknot, loose ponytail or braid and lie down on a cushion covered with a towel (if you wash your hair in the morning) or wrap your hair in a foil and put on a towel, leaving the oil for 45 minutes - 1 hour on your hair (if you wash them during the day or evening)
  • then wash your hair twice and it's ready!
  • OIL MY GOD! nourishes and protects your hair perfectly on the beach, so take it with you on holiday! put it on your hair and cover your head with a hat or kerchief, it will help to protect hair from salt water and sun; in addition, heat makes the active ingredients contained in the oils absorb better; when you finish sunbathing, just wash your hair and enjoy their beauty and splendor
  • you can also apply the oil to your hair whilie going to a gym workout or sauna - you exercise or relax and OIL MY GOD! regenerates your hair!


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