Rosy liquid face serum MIST N'ROSES is an absolute "must have" in a woman's bag! Calling it "mist" is a serious degradation of what is inside, because its composition could easily compete with many face cream formulas! Below are some ideas for how to use it:

  • it is packaged in a bottle with an atomizer, therefore it is conveniently applied to the skin in all conditions, fits in a purse and you can always have it with you
  • it's great to finish, fix or refresh the make-up
  • ideal for moisturizing the skin in dry or air-conditioned rooms, during long flights (take them on vacation with you!), on a hot beach or during a long drive - giving a lot of pleasure - it smells sweet (rose) and fresh (lavender)
  • it tones the skin, restoring the natural pH and balancing the skin after washing or contact with water - so you can use it as a tonic
  • is a great starting point for further care, super suitable as a base for serum or cream - first spray the face with MIST N'ROSES and then, when it's still delicately moist apply serum or cream, so that the skin will be better moisturized and the serum and cream are better absorbed


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