Regular brushing with the SHURU BURU brush helps to strengthen the skin, firms it and tones it, and also supports the natural detox of the body and improves the mood.

How To Brush?

Massage the body, starting from the bottom (legs first) and then going upwards towards the heart. Brush your legs and hands with a long movement, changing the abdomen, hips and arms to more circular movements. It should be remembered that the pressure on the skin should not be too strong and differentiate it, taking into account that, for example, the skin on the neckline is a more delicate thread on the legs. ;) You do not need any lotions or oils for this, but after brushing it is important to take a bath or shower and deeply moisturize the skin, e.g. using Wild Forest, Just Say Yes or Sweet Life mousse.

Dry brushing of the body should be performed before each bath and spend at least 3 minutes or at least 3-4 times a week. The first results will appear after about a week of regular brushing.

What does dry brushing of the body do?

  • helps to remove tension accumulated in the body,
  • improves lymph circulation, thanks to which it helps to eliminate puffiness on the body,
  • improves the quality of the skin and helps to lighten fresh stretch marks,
  • firms, tones and smoothes the skin,
  • helps in anti-cellulite treatments,
  • removes callous epidermis - it can replace peeling,
  • prevents ingrown hairs after epilation.


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