Femininity means diversity

We’re beautiful because we’re different... Girls, we can be who we want and how we want! Wild, crazy, fearless and thirsty for adventure, or else calm, sensitive and looking for our place in the world... Or one and the other! That’s what Sky Girl is like; that means you, darlings and us too. And regardless of whether we want to be little angels or hellcats, whether we are slim or rotund, and regardless of the larger or smaller collection of smiles and sorrows written in our wrinkles, the most important thing is we always fly high and according to our own plan! Our brand is about you and for you. By taking care of your beautiful and diverse bodies, we aim to reinforce your self-esteem, so that you dare to do what you really love and live your own way.

Lend wind to the wings of other women

We want to live in a world where we support each other, because when women lend each other support, amazing things happen. When supportive of each other, we can fly even higher, take risks and manifest our femininity. It’s a sure thing we won’t go through life in anyone else’s shoes, we won’t look at life through someone else's glasses; the most important thing is that on this journey, we should not view the successes of other women as our failures. Lend wind to the wings of other women, because together we are strong and have the energy to change ourselves and the world.

Friendship and sisterhood... You'll never walk alone!

We believe in friendship forever! Sometimes when we meet someone new, we immediately sense they’re our soul mate, and that's what happened with us. Be The Sky Girl was born out of friendship and a desire to do together something important and worthwhile... We inspire each other in life and in business. We learn from each other every day, have common ideas, while at the same time being very different. We support each other and celebrate success together, but also wipe away each other’s tears. Thanks to having each other, every day we can discover new shades within us and thus paint ever more beautiful and colourful versions of ourselves.

Femininity is a beautiful tree...

When someone asks us: "What is femininity to you?" we always imagine a beautiful, green, firmly rooted tree on whose branches juicy fruit is hanging among the leaves. The wind blows sometimes more gently, sometimes stronger, and then its crown seems to yield to a sensual dance. However, thanks to its strong roots, it remains in contact with the earth, from which it draws its energy. Its head is in the clouds and it dances with the wind, but is careful not to fly away and lose contact with itself, with the base, with what is important to it. When the fruit is ripe, it invites and feeds those it loves and those in need.

Development and striving for perfection

In the process of creating our products, we feel as if we are constantly chasing after... a unicorn! From the very outset, we set the bar high for our cosmetics. Everything must be just right, both in terms of quality, concentration of active ingredients, effectiveness, but also the experience of using them (the fragrance, colour, texture and packaging). In each case we take into account every aspect and work on them until the right effect is achieved, that is, until the moment there is LOVE – ours and yours! And if something new appears on the market, or a previous one arrives in an improved version? The same chase after... a unicorn begins in our heads. The only sure thing is change and development, so we are not afraid to change and improve.

Balance in life and in business

We love what we do and it provides us much pleasure. It gives us the energy to live and act. However, it’s not true that by doing what you enjoy you don’t work a single day. That is why we strive so hard for balance, since we also value our moments of rest. Sometimes we simply need to "touch base", undergo a total reset and detox, in order to return with new energy and the power to implement our plans and dreams. Relaxation, being here and now and communing with nature is what fuels us, so that new, wonderful ideas come to mind for our personal development and that of the brand. Daily rituals such as reading, meditation, healthy eating, physical activity and time for ourselves are important, as they allow us to look at each task from a different perspective


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