Open the jar with the mousse and feel the scent of joy ... Take a bit of mousse and warm it in your hands, then massage the whole body. Do not rush, it's your time with sweetness, joy, carelessness, energy and the captivating scent of the holidays. SWEET LIFE smells so sweet that it did not give us a choice - we had to call it that way! 

  • body mousse is a combination of strongly regenerating butters and oils with moisturizing substances and antioxidants - that is why it leaves the skin deeply moisturized, regenerated, firmed and well absorbed, without leaving a greasy, sticky film on the skin
  • its rich and super absorbent consistency makes it also suitable for regenerating the skin of the hands
  • oils contained in it act anti-cellulite and firming on the skin, make it elastic, act against stretch marks - that's why the mousse is great for finishing the massage
  • the smell is intense and long-lasting - mousse is a great alternative to perfumes, especially during the summertime; combined with the scent of your skin it creates a very individual and sensual composition
  • shimmering particles contained in the mousse lightly illuminate the skin, are very subtle and beautifully highlight the color of the sun-tanned skin
  • the mousse is perfect for skin care after a tattoo (due to shimmering particles which are inside, we recommend using it for already healed tattoos), it beautifully brings out the depth of color of the tattoo and the shimmering particles give it a shine 


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