I am a scented candle made of soy wax and a fragrance that wraps like a cashmere scarf or a warm blanket on winter evenings. I smell exceptionally! The sensual notes of amber are intertwined with deep tones of bergamot, wrapped in an intriguing, woody aroma of oud. Light me whenever you feel like a moment for yourself in the company of a beautiful fragrance.

I am vegan.

I have 175 ml and I am enough for 34 hours of light.

Show me what you got inside!

I have inside:

  • Soy Wax- vegan ingredient, derived from soybean oil, is a natural base used for candle production, odorless so as not to disturb the aroma of the fragrance
  • Amber- sensual and enveloping 
  • Bergamot- deep and captivating
  • Oud- intriguing and not leaving anyone indifferent

I was made by hand from natural soy wax, fragrance compositions and natural essential oils, with a cotton wick.

I have 175 ml and I am enough for 34 hours of light.



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