Surfers’vibes and modern pin-up

In fact, at first glance, our products do not look like natural cosmetics. We did it on purpose, because we did not want to lock them in dark jars and cardboard boxes. We really wanted the idea and execution from the beginning to the end to be consistent with the values we want to convey and with our aesthetics, and the surfers' vibes combined with a modern pin-up is something that really plays in our souls. That is why Be The Sky Girl stands out and draws attention with its appearance. The interior is of the highest quality natural active ingredients in high concentrations. Everything composed in cooperation with the best cosmetologists and chemists. Natural extracts, top-quality oils and compelling fragrances are our idea for cosmetics that are natural and sexy. 

Why these bags?

What raises a lot of questions are the reusable bags, in which we have packed our cosmetics. First, let's ask ourselves what do we do with the cartoon box just after we purchased our new cream? Unfortunately, right away we throw the box it in the trash, because it's hard to be used again. Our bags, after taking cosmetics out of them, can be reused in a dozen ways. Here are only a few ideas of how you can use them again:

☘️ you can pack your jewelry into it, so that nothing gets lost!

☘️ put all handy cosmetics into it, so that they do not spill in your purse

☘️ put hygienic accessories like panty liners, sanitary napkins, tampons in it, which is what a woman should always have on hand

☘️ during the flight, you safely store miniatures and samples of cosmetics there without the risk of overloading the hand luggage

☘️ protect wet swimwear around the pool so that you do not wet other things

☘️ pack a sandwich or some snacks for the second breakfast

☘️ create a home-made cooling compress, inserting ice cubes into it and then wrapping with a cotton cloth

and many more examples from everyday life, where our bags can be useful.

We love pink!

We get a lot of questions about our colors ... The choice of pink and silver is not a coincidence, it's very ours! We combined pink – which symbolizes warmth, sensitivity, femininity, passion, delicacy, with silver - signifying values, honor, strength and chivalry. These are the qualities that we, women, have in us, but we often hide them deeply inside. We want to show that you can be strong and delicate, feminine and determined at the same time. Besides, there is power in these colors and there is no way to stay indifferent about them.


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