Who is the Sky Girl?

SKY GIRL is a WOMAN who knows what she wants and who has the courage to reach for it. She is independent, she takes decisions on her own, and at the same time her heart is open to the world. She irradiates energy, passion and creative power, which makes her beautiful and sexy. She is feminine, delicate and sensible, and at the same time strong and with power to decide.

We come across Sky Girls every day - we have the impression that there are a lot of them, but they do not know that they can inspire others. With their attitude and acts, they empower others and they show that everything is possible - they are usual and unusual at the same time!

They are by no means ideal in every sense of this word- since the ideal persons only exist in fairy tales, and besides, they are boring. Sky Girls are THEMSELVES.

Why Be The Sky Girl?

The brand Be The SKY GIRL was born out of our FRIENDSHIP. When we are together we have the power which gives us wings and courage to fly high into the sky :) In business we inspire one another and we learn a lot from each other, we have common ideas and at the same time we are very different. Thanks to that we are creative and colourful :)

A clever and good-wishing person once said that we have a defined and finite amount of energy in life - either we use it for the realization of someone else’s goals, or we realize our own ones. For us the Sky Girl is the embodiment of our dreams about living a balanced life, according to our own values and principles.

The products which we create for You are the essence of our values. Dear Girls, we want to give you cosmetics which combine the state-of-the-art content with nature, which offer effective treatment, but which do not require spending long hours on boring beauty treatments, and moreover... which offer a great dose of fun, distance and good vibes.

Each our product is the effect of work of many specialist - not only the ones specialising in cosmetology. We managed to invite fantastic people to co-operate with us; thanks to their experience and passion, Be The Sky Girl means the highest quality.

We are not afraid to work hard. We want to keep in touch with You; please share with us your impressions, suggestions and ideas. Together we will fly high in the sky! :) 



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