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How to describe the smell of freedom?

How to describe the smell of freedom?

We women all differ, but are united by the desire to be fulfilled and free. Every day we aim to discover our true selves and take full responsibility for our lives - to feel fulfilled and express what lies in our hearts. By creating Be The Sky Girl cosmetics, we have fulfilled our great dream, namely that these products will be the ideal complement for amazing, wonderful and exceptional women as they discover themselves and do what their heart tells them, and will enhance their beauty, positive energy, courage and self-confidence. All our products have been created in precisely this spirit. However, if we were asked to point to just one product that has become the manifesto of that dream, it would undoubtedly be our WILD FOREST body mousse, a truly special cosmetic worthy of a woman embodying all the above features. In addition, its enormous power is based on one of the stronger senses – that of smell. That is why this text aims to tell you as eloquently as possible a story – about freedom and courage, about dreams and striving to fulfil them, about the sensitivity and strength of women, about a love that has the fragrance of elderflower and gooseberry and... about everything we have managed to fit into a jar with the inscription "WILD FOREST".

1. Fragrances that describe emotions 

It is impossible to separate a certain fragrance from the whole host of emotions that it invokes, since the sense of smell is most strongly linked to memory. This leads to the so-called Proust effect, namely particular aromas being able to "take us back" to the places and situations in which they first accompanied us. It’s truly amazing that the same smell can cause very extreme emotions in different people, something that we are generally unable to explain. In literally the fraction of a second, information is transmitted by our olfactory receptors directly to the brain and a certain smell is able to evoke a place, event or the state in which we were at some time in our past.   Emotions can also be aroused in us by smells that have been described to us, those that we ourselves are never likely to experience with our sense of smell. Someone once said that you can't talk about smells, you feel smells. We cannot entirely agree with that. In our opinion, one of the most beautiful fragrances ever described is that in Andrzej Sapkowski's Wiedźmin (The Witcher): "She leaned over him, touched him, and his face was lightly brushed by her hair smelling of elderflower and gooseberry and suddenly, he knew that he would never forget that smell, that softest touch, knew that he would never again be able to compare them with any other smell or touch."[1] This refers, of course, to the beautiful and powerful Sorceress Yennefer, who achieved the impossible. After this meeting, Wiedźmin (The Witcher), who had been trained to fight and so mutated to feel nothing, fell in love with her, seduced by her unique scent. Our fascination with this wonderful woman and her story, and our enormous curiosity about how the aforementioned mixture of elderflower and gooseberry smelled, led us to create WILD FOREST body mousse.

2. WILD FOREST, a fragrance that constitutes the essence of femininity  

This is a fragrance for all the powerful women among us – not afraid to dream and achieve those dreams and live their lives on their own terms. Immersing yourself in its aura, you will feel the essence of femininity... wildness and sensitivity. A single sniff is all it takes to imagine open spaces, a beautiful forest landscape, blue sky and in the background the tinkling of an alpine stream. It is the smell of wind in the hair, courage, power and a life full of amazing adventures. WILD FOREST’s composition combines floral and fruity notes, making the fragrance light and fresh, and at the same time concealing a secret...   In addition, the mousse’s formula is extremely refined, based on the highest quality shea and mango butters, along with oils of rice, chia and babassu. Combined with hyaluronic acid, they ensure the product’s consistency is substantial and at the same time silky smooth. The cosmetic deeply moisturizes and nourishes, but leaves no oily layer on the skin. We like a natural glow, which is why we have also enriched the mousse with golden particles that beautifully emphasize a tan and illuminate the skin. In this case, the way to the heart leads through... smell and touch, which is why our WILD FOREST cosmetic has won the hearts of many wonderful women. Our customers call it "the smell of the sorceress" or "the smell of the wise woman", i.e. the one who has the wisdom and who knows. ;)

3. A manifesto from women for women  

The inspiration for creating the WILD FOREST fragrance was the already mentioned Sorceress Yennefer, featured in the Wiedźmin (The Witcher) stories. Each of us can find in it an element of our own history. Yennefer, known for her sharp tongue, was often considered conceited and calculating. How often are we women judged that way? Just because we wish to speak with our own voice, are not prepared to carry out other people's plans, but with courage are able to consistently and effectively go our own way. Someone wise and kind once told us that when we come into the world, we arrive with a certain amount of energy and it’s up to us how we use that energy. We have a choice whether to fulfill ourselves and achieve our dreams or live the dreams of others. We have chosen the first option and every day, during those beautiful, intimate meetings in the morning and evening in front of the bathroom mirror, we also remind all Sky Girls that this is possible and worth striving for.   Calling out to each of its users from the jar of WILD FOREST is one of our favorite quotes: "Your wings already exist. All you have to do is start flying!" That's the kind of energy and motivation that we wish to pass on to women, namely that we really can enjoy the kind of life we've always dreamed of. What we need do is dare to live our lives our own way. Courage rules the world and helps us achieve everything we really want to experience.   The jar inscribed "WILD FOREST" turned out to be very capacious, because along with a refined and quality cosmetic that gives so much pleasure from its use and unique fragrance, we managed to fit into it much more... Those easy and more difficult emotions that accompany us once we decide to start fulfilling our dreams. A metaphor for life that smells delightful and seductive like elderflower, but can also be as tart as gooseberry. WILD FOREST is more than a body mousse, it’s a story about the essence of femininity, freedom and courage, about dreams and striving to fulfill them, and about the sensitivity and strength of women. We are filled with pride that a product so important to us has been recognised at ECO LIVIVNG Scandinavia 2022 held in Malmo and granted an award for the best body product.


[1] Andrzej Sapkowski, Ostatnie życzenie. Wiedźmin. Tom 1


Body mousse WILD FOREST

Body mousse WILD FOREST

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