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Our brand is about women, from women and for women. We women are all different, but we share a common desire to be fulfilled and free. To share our love, talents and passion. And be able to radiate what lies in our hearts. Discovering our true vocation often requires work and taking full responsibility for our lives, at the same time it’s a source of deep fulfilment and a sense of meaning. So what’s your calling? What really excites you? What do you desire? In our case, the dream is for our cosmetics to accompany you in discovering and doing what your heart desires and for them to give you beauty, positive energy, courage and self-confidence.


Be The Sky Girl cosmetics are natural, because for us nature is a constant source of inspiration. We see it as the key to our health, balance and well-being. In most of our products, over 98% of their ingredients are of natural origin. We can’t abide eco-deception; we care about transparency and honesty, which is why we quote for each cosmetic the percentage of natural ingredients and the percentage of natural origin, calculated in accordance with the ISO16128 standard.


Our cosmetics and all their ingredients are 100% vegan and contain no ingredients from animal sources. Nor do we test our products on animals. And of course, we know that testing on animals is prohibited in the European Union, so to say that we don’t is stating the obvious as required by law. At the same time, for us, being cruelty-free and vegan is more than just a legal requirement. It’s a heart-felt need – we love animals and want a cruelty-free world for all of us.


We make cosmetics that really work. We’re obsessed with their quality and can’t abide eco-deception. We look for the most effective natural extracts and use them in our products in concentrations that actually do the job. We combine them with modern forms of vitamins, peptides and ferments, to constantly search for synergy effects between nature and modern science. We aren’t afraid of improving product compositions if new, better versions of our active ingredients appear. We also care about proper packaging – for multi-ingredient face products we use airless packaging, which guarantees freshness and high effectiveness of the cosmetics they contain.


How to describe the smell of freedom?
WILD FOREST Body Mousse – the story of a cosmetic with the scent of elderflower and gooseberry, intended for brave dreamers and fans of the sorceress Yennefer from the story of Wiedźmin (the Witcher)
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What should you know before choosing a sunscreen?
UV protection is an issue that comes up every year with the first rays of the sun, although, it should actually concern us throughout the WHOLE YEAR. It is very important to use cosmetics that protect our skin from the sun, because the UV radiation emitted by the sun reaches the earth 365 days a year. It may be strongest in summer, but this doesn’t mean that it is safe for the skin the rest of the year.
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