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The best body? The one you have. Take care of them!

The best body? The one you have. Take care of them!

Each of us is different ... We have a different approach to the world and the situations that we face. What so many of us have in common is that we are constantly dissatisfied with ourselves. Yes, lovely Sky Girls! We look for the reasons for this state of affairs in childhood, because we all know very well that there has always been someone who tried to convince us that we are too fat, too thin, not tall enough, or too tall, in a word, insufficient. This thought sprouts in us and then grows for many years like a thorn that is not so easy to throw out. It's time to lean over this little girl who is in each of us and just humanly ... hug her, tell her that she is perfect and start taking care of yourself, feeling no anger or disappointment, only real care and love.

Cellulite - this one can mix it up ...

Let the girls who have never used an anti-cellulite lotion raise their hands ... The vast majority of us have had or still have such episodes in their lives, because cellulite also, apart from a few exceptions, we all have. It is nothing more than water retained in the body and unevenly distributed fat, which arises as a result of our lifestyle, diet, too little water, etc. Of course, cellulite can also be a signal that something is wrong in the body, e.g. there are circulation problems and that is why the water is retaining us, so it's always worth checking. The "orange peel" we complain about so much is mostly noticed by us. This sight strikes us the most when we enter the fitting room and we deal with very unfavorable lighting. White, cool light, cast from above… this experiment never ends well. ;)

How to get rid of cellulite?

Girls, this puzzle has long been solved ... Beauty is in you, and even more importantly, you create this beauty in your head. The first step is to accept yourself. This is the starting point for everything!

We often say to ourselves: "If I lose those 5/10/15 kg (insert your value) it will be great and then I will accept myself" or "I would accept myself if it weren't for my cellulite. No! Your heads and bodies need acceptance so that you have the energy and willingness to continue working on yourself. As with everything, positive thoughts attract positive events, and vice versa. A way to get rid of cellulite? Accept it is and act with love and concern for your body to shrink. As I wrote to you at the beginning, there is no secret here, but a good plan counts.

So what should be included in the plan, apart from a good anti-cellulite lotion?

  • a balanced, healthy diet (sweets and salty snacks every day, this is not a healthy diet),
  • consuming the right amount of water (at least 2 liters per day)
    trainings (several times a week)
  • dry brushing of the body (preferably before each bath / shower, but if this is not possible, at least 3-4 times a week)
  • and finally, a good anti-cellulite lotion, rich in active ingredients with a proven smoothing, tightening and elasticizing effect

And if a good anti-cellulite balm is perfect, our new product - Hot Chick, which we created especially for girls who are at different stages of working on their figure, will be perfect.

Hot Chick because each of us is a great chick!

This cosmetic is (as he says about himself) a favorite personal trainer. ;) It will help shape the body, reduce the visibility of cellulite, as well as smooth, firm and properly moisturize the skin. The active ingredients contained in it make you dizzy ... The Hot Chick anti-cellulite balm combines substances that have a slimming effect, such as pink pepper extract, with the anti-cellulite Drenalip complex, consisting of extracts of butcher's broom, tragacanth and goldenrod. The combination of caffeine, theobromine and theophylline is responsible for stimulating microcirculation and faster removal of toxins, while lemon peel extract and sweet orange oil have a firming and elasticizing effect. In addition, the Hot Chick anti-cellulite lotion contains the highest quality macadamia, babassu and plum seed oils, which improve the condition of the skin, nourish and moisturize.

For optimal results, use the Hot Chick anti-cellulite lotion twice a day after a shower and after dry brushing, e.g. with our Shuru Buru body massage brush. In addition, the Hot Chick anti-cellulite lotion is a product that is such a "lever" that, depending on your lifestyle and commitment to the process, will help you achieve specific effects that will be visible on your body.