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How to describe the smell of freedom?
WILD FOREST Body Mousse – the story of a cosmetic with the scent of elderflower and gooseberry, intended for brave dreamers and fans of the sorceress Yennefer from the story of Wiedźmin (the Witcher)
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What should you know before choosing a sunscreen?
UV protection is an issue that comes up every year with the first rays of the sun, although, it should actually concern us throughout the WHOLE YEAR. It is very important to use cosmetics that protect our skin from the sun, because the UV radiation emitted by the sun reaches the earth 365 days a year. It may be strongest in summer, but this doesn’t mean that it is safe for the skin the rest of the year.
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Sky is not the limit... Be The Sky Girl!
As you probably noticed, a lot of changes have recently taken place here ... And that's what we wanted to tell you ... about changes, motivation to them, about getting out of your comfort zone and about making dreams come true. 
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Smart Beauty
We girls have plenty to do every day. Although we plan and try to control our time and reality, we want to have a place for a spontaneity  in our life as well. Sometimes “girls just wanna have fun ...". We know that the best improvisation is planned, but ... what if there is not enough time to organize everything in a perfect manner?
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