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Smart Beauty

Smart Beauty

We girls have plenty to do every day. Although we plan and try to control our time and reality, we want to have a place for a spontaneity  in our life as well. Sometimes “girls just wanna have fun ...". We know that the best improvisation is planned, but ... what if there is not enough time to organize everything in a perfect manner? Of course, even in that case we want to look gorgeous! That is why we want to show you that by using active preparations based on high-quality natural active ingredients, you do not have to subordinate your lifestyle to complicated beauty care procedures and run to the beauty salon every week. After all, these are your personality, your lifestyle and your femininity that are the most important things... and cosmetics are to serve you!  We have three situations for you that can happen to each of us and three ways of how to deal with them in the Sky Girl’s style.

Mist N'Roses - a real MUST-HAVE...

Air-conditioned rooms are not a place where your skin is in its element. After a few hours, the makeup needs to be removed and the complexion craves to be moisturized. But in a moment you are going to have an important meeting and in the afternoon you want to go for a coffee with your friends... and in every moment - you want to look like a star! Should you have more time, the situation could be saved with a make-up remover combined with a super moisturizing face cream and a re-applied make-up. But there is no time left! Don’t worry, you will be ready in a moment! All you need is a face powder, lipstick, matting papers and ... Mist N'Roses rosy liquid face serum. Girl ... you are saved! Use matting paper to refresh the complexion, now spray it with a delicate rose mist refresh it, moisten and soothe the irritation. Wait for it to dry, then gently powder the face and ... necessarily apply this red lipstick, because you look like a million bucks in it.

Oil my God! Sky Girl wins the world in two hours

Thursday is a fitness day, activity is very important and necessary to maintain harmony between psyche (soul) and soma (body). In addition, the holiday is getting closer so there is no way you could skip the training ... And today friends proposed to go out for the dinner and a party to the city. You have two hours, and you should do a training, go home, jump into this phenomenal gown, make-up, hair ... Two hours, yes ...? And here is where it starts the smart beauty multitasking. When you exercise, your hair will be taken care of by Oil My God! serum for hair oiling! All you need to do is to apply serum on your hair evenly and bind a high ponytail. While you train, your hair have a real SPA treatment with nigella, coconut and chia oils. All you need to do after the workout is to wash your hair twice in the shower with your favorite shampoo. Your hair is soft, shining, regenerated and your body is relaxed and full of good energy after the training… Now quickly - go home, put on Keep Lift serum on your face and a make-up, chose an outfit ... and you're ready. Have a wonderful evening!

The treatments are done by Agent White, James White ... and you wear a fragrance

Tonight you must look special. Your inner glow needs support from ... outside. Your beautician today is fully booked so you lost your hope for a treatment. Keep calm and ... go on a date with Agent James. Apply the cream with a thicker layer than usual, combining it with the Keep Lift lifting serum. Let him work on your complexion and senses, while you are takin a relaxing bath or having some rest. Then remove the residue with a wet cotton swab or washcloth. What you see in the mirror is just ... a Wow effect! After this treatment the skin looks radiant, it is moisturized, more elastic and each makeup will stay on it better. After bathing do not forget to apply one of the body mousses to moisturize the skin, add a little glow and embrace yourself with the smell you love ... Fragrances are emotions, emotions are memories ... What are you wearing today? Freedom, joy or passion?